Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind Pluck?

Pluck | On-Site Brow Bar is founded by Sadie Higgins—a 2X Best of Boston winner and nationally-recognized make-up artist, brow specialist, esthetician, and also unabashed shower-singer.

What makes Pluck unique?

Our winning personalities. Also, we use only tweezers and scissors, thereby guaranteeing absolute precision. Through our award-winning technique, you will leave with balanced brows that are natural for you and you, alone.  You have your own unique shape that will always look best on your pretty face and we can’t wait to show you! While we will teach you how to fill in sparse areas, our goal is to not have you rely on using products. We want to get you to a place where you love your brows au naturel.

We don’t wax. We don’t thread. We just pluck. Why?

Perfect brows need perfect shaping. Waxing and threading often times take more brow than needed because multiple hairs are removed at once. Waxing can cause irritation to sensitive skin and it can also break the hair at the surface of the skin rather than the root, leading to faster regrowth and more frequent appointments. Pluck artists diligently pluck each brow, hair by hair. This approach allows us to get the perfect shape, for every person, every time.

Why can’t I just pluck my own brows?

You can! But only areas deemed by Pluck artists as the “safe-to-pluck zone”. Other than that, we ask you to let us do the heavy lifting. Why? Because when you’re looking in that 20x zoom magnifying mirror (and we know you are!) you lose all perspective. A hair that looks out of place and messy to you might be a hair we would leave to help grow your brows to their full potential. And once you take that one hair, you’re taking another, and another, and another, until suddenly…you’re making an appointment with your hair stylist for some eye-skimming fringe bangs.

Is Pluck for women only?

Absolutely not. Alright guys, let’s be honest– most of you are hairy. And many of you aren’t sure what to do about it. There’s no shame in taking care of those wild strays or unibrows. We promise to leave you with a groomed, yet assuredly masculine look. Think of a young Clint Eastwood.

What if my brows are sparse?

You’re not alone! If you lived through the 90’s you’re lucky to have your brows intact, at all. But we can help! Pluck artists will walk you through a plan to help your brows grow to their full potential. Our specialists also offer a filling technique using brow pencils and markers personally curated by our owner.

Will my brows be red afterwards?

You have to get back to work not looking like a crazy person, we get it. If needed, our artists are equipped to provide upper eye coverage to conceal redness. We like to be incognito.

What does the Brow Bar need?

A bowl full of only red gummy bears, a 72 degree room, and cranberry lime sparkling water. Just kidding. All we need is a room. Our artists bring everything with them and take care of all setup and cleanup. Pluck also handles all payments and scheduling. It’s that easy.

How long are appointments?

Because every brow is different, appointments range from 30-45 mins. depending on the service. First-time clients will need a 45-minute appointment to allot for a consultation, which includes a custom plan for your brows.

What is your policy on cancellations and late arrivals

We ask that you please arrive to your appointment on time. We don’t want anyone to be late getting to that next meeting where your inevitable promotion awaits! Any cancellations or appointment changes must be done at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a  fee of 25% of the service. If you are 10 minutes late or more, regrettably we won’t be able to service or refund you.

Are Pluck technicians licensed and insured?

Yes. We are fully insured and all Pluck artists are licensed estheticians.